Social networking platforms have gained immense popularity among people from all walks of life, with features like social profile sharing, liking or commenting on posts or activities of others on their timeline. Social networking sites fall under two categories – general and technical.

General social networking sites encourage social interaction by allowing people to create their social profile. People on general social networking sites share their ideas, photographs of events they have lately attended, and post comments on images and content of others. However, a general social networking platform does not include ‘Niche Targeted Approach’. As a result, many people come across posts and ideas they don’t understand well, thus ignore them. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram are some great examples of general social networking sites.

A technical social platform is the one that enables collaboration of like-minded people related to some technology. The content shared on technical social networks is only meant for people who either know or want to learn technology. For example, an Android developer can share his expertise or get his queries resolved by connecting to a person who knows about Android on Android Developer Forum.  Likewise, there are many social networks available online for diverse fields, such as medical, programmers, travelers, lawyers etc. Some brilliant examples of technical social sites are Stack Overflow, Code Project,,, and

Benefits of tech social media sites are as follows

  • Tech portfolio presentation
  • Paves the way for social collaboration with other techies
  • Posting and reading make tech social sites a kind of knowledge sharing center,Tutorials make learning easy
  • People can easily find answers to their technical queries

Creating a portfolio on a technical social site generally requires a profile picture, skill-set details, like Php, Java, C etc, a brief summary about the user, academic qualification, specialization and achievements. What sets apart a general social networking site from a technical one is connection with like-minded people only. On a tech social networking site you have a large community of people who share ideas related to a particular technology, therefore eliminates any room for irrelevant information. A portfolio on a tech SM site lets others know about you and your expertise. You could become a popular member of a particular tech SM site by sharing posts that are important and resolving queries of other techies.

Members share content on a tech sites through blogs, journals, tutorials, case studies, answers to queries etc. People find technical SM sites very engaging as they discuss technology through comments and replies like an iOS developer can easily discuss their ideas on any iOS developer forum. The same features are also available on general SM sites, but Tech SM sites give rise to much better engagement. Virtues of Tech SM sites are not restricted only to computer/software industry as education, banking, telecommunication, etc seek benefits from them too.

Content marketing has now become an important cog in the wheel of marketing strategies. Almost every business understands the importance of content marketing and has a dedicated team for posting and sharing quality content through digital media. Content marketing helps attract visitors to a website. Once people start recognizing you through what you are saying and offering to them, they are more likely to become your loyal customers.

Human beings keep on evolving to adapt to difficult conditions and become better. Same goes for technology that has showed us some incredible advancements to make this world a much better place. General SM sites have enjoyed a great success in the last five years. But it’s now time for Tech SM sites,  like FindNerd and Stack Overflow, to become a bandwagon. It’s a simple calculation, “the more we learn, the more we earn” and technical SM sites are providing the best platform to people world over to connect to technical experts and increase learning.