The project, which guarantees the opportunity to earn 20000 dollars a month, is now available to all residents of Australia!

Date: January 11
| Reading Time: 4 minutes

People of different professions, starting with a minimum amount of 350 dollars, were able to get a decent income in the first month of participation in the project.

Thanks to the programme, more than 100,000 Australians have already been able to afford:

1. Pay off their mortgage
2. Purchase modern cars
3. To finance their children’s education
4. Quit a demanding job
5. Provide financial support to their family and friends

In short, to address the many challenges facing most Australians today and make them financially secure.

The Quantum Ai project is the result of years of research and work by some of our country’s most prominent tech brains. The platform is official, and created with the participation and support of Anthony Albanese and an investment boost from Elon Musk (owner SpaceX, OpenAl, Tesla) “We came to a shared decision to open up the platform to the people of Australia. This platform is designed to support our economy, help our citizens close their
needs and defeat poverty. It is available exclusively for Australians, allowing us to focus on the well-being of our people and ensuring their financial stability


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